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Thread: Change in milk

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    Last week my breasts became swollen and extremely sensitive, this week my milk supply seems very low and my 6 month old is not very interested in nursing. I decided to pump today to try and keep my supply up but I got very little from one breast, and only a half teaspoon of very thick, sticky, yellow milk from the other. Could this have been anything other than colostrum, possibly some sort of infection?

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    Are you currently pregnant? 6 months seems a bit far out for colostrum otherwise...?
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    Well, that's kind of what I'm wandering. I haven't had a period since little man was born. But I didn't know what else it could be...or why.

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    The milk doesn't usually revert back to colostrum until you're around 26-28 wks pregnant.
    Are you having any fever or flu-like symptoms?

    Sometimes a clogged duct can cause the milk to be thick or sticky like that. It might also be an infection in the breast. I suggest you talk to your doctor about this.

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