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Thread: Whats Wrong With My Milk?!?

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    Exclamation Whats Wrong With My Milk?!?

    I went to the freezer the other day and noticed that my milk had white spots on it. I have several bags that have been in the freezer since july and i have not noticed the spots on them till recently. I dont know if they are still good but the newer milk has spots on them also. I have not noticed the spots till friday. The spots are in the bag with the milk on both sides.
    The freezer is not opened much maybe once every 2-3 weeks. I really hope the milk is still good, I dont want to throw it all away.I took a pic but dont know how to post it.

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    I saw this on some of my frozen milk, too. I think it was freezer burn - was there possibly hole in bag or top not zipped tightly? Mine were in the avent freezer cups, so they were not airtight upon closing; that's why I thought they'd gotten some freezer burn. I'd think if it is freezer burn, it wouldn't be harmful to baby, but it probably wouldn't taste as good. If the milk is not bad (gone sour), you could possibly mix it with non-freezer burned milk or make cereal with it if lo is eating cereal. However, I defer to others re: the usability of this milk.


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    Cool Re: Whats Wrong With My Milk?!?

    Mine looks the same also but still tastes fine when thawed out. Dont know what it is

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    Could just be the fat separation that happen once the milk cools down. If you froze after 'fridging it, you would have more of a chance in seeing the whiter spots in the milk; just fat! YUM

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