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Thread: Baby is scared of breast

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    I had to pump and bttle feed for the first 4 weeks cause my daughter would not latch on and it was so hard!! Finally I went and saw the LC and she started breastfeeding finally. So everything was going good for 2 weeks. Now for the last week my baby is protesting every time I go to nurse her. Even as I go to position her. When I squeeze I see milk spraying everywhere. And when I was pumping I got 3-6 oz per breast each time. But I haven't pumped since we have been breast feeding. It started once a day to now its evertime unless she is sleeping. How do I get her to take my breast again? I have been leaning back while nursing. Its like when she wakes up and realizes she is nursing she freaks out and pulls off. But she is rooting and hungry. I am so frustrated but do not want to give up breastfeeding.

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    I am having the same issue with my right breast...when sleeping my lo's fine too. Why is it only ok while they're sleeping? Anyway, try expressing a little into a diaper or towel just before the baby latches on. HTH
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