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Thread: Shipping Breast Milk for Dummies?

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    Red face Shipping Breast Milk for Dummies?

    I am set to travel next month for 3 days for work. I have come to the realistic conclusion that there is no way I'll be able to store enough milk for while I'm gone. I've been doing some searching, and have found some older (5 years or more) online articles where moms have shipped their breastmilk via Fedex back home.

    Has anyone done this recently?

    Any feedback on proper packaging/labeling?

    The latest drop-off times for my area for Fed-ex is 3:45 p.m. Being that my class goes until 4:30...I will need to drop it off during lunch. Hopefully it will still be cold enough?

    Or should I chuck it all....and have my husband alternate between breastmilk and formula while I'm gone?


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    Default Re: Shipping Breast Milk for Dummies?

    I travel and am away for 3 days a month or more. I have started to do 1oz formula (Lipil hypoallergenic formula $25.00 for a small can) and 3oz breast milk. My baby does great and the formula is so gentle she doesn't notice. You can try that. If you still won't have enough (been there!), ship it overnight. I don't know if you dry ice it or just put it on regular ice, but if they allow regular ice, pack Buy a small cooler, from the camping section of your Target, etc. Do not get a "lunch" bag. It won't work. I found one with a thick silver lining and it works great. Get the bag from the ice bucket in the hotel room. I always ask housekeeping for 4 bags. This is from the experience that I had on my first trip when I came home and the milk was nice and cold, but the cooler was FULL of water and ice. One bag sometimes isn’t enough. I put ice in 2 separate bags, twist, tie and then bag them into another bag. Put the bags of ice on top of the milk and close up the box!

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