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Thread: How does pumping affect supply and pumping for my niece

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    Default How does pumping affect supply and pumping for my niece

    We just found out that my brother and his wife are expecting another bundle on the same due date as the baby that was born in June--July 1. There 2 youngest will be right around a year apart. My nephew was preemie, so she isn't sure what her doctor will recommend about nursing during her pregnancy, and of course, she is concerned about supply. My niece will not drink formula (smart girl) , and my niece has had difficulty pumping so she does not have a freezer supply (and she's a sahm, so there really was no need to pump). Anyway...on to the question...

    I plan to pump enough for her to have. I know LLL stance, and they don't endorse it, but my question really has to do with how this will affect my supply. I am already pumping about 10 ounces a day and I pump once in the morning and once at night. I have to pump at these times so that he can have a near empty breast. I know if I didn't, it would even out, but I got tired of waiting for that to happen and that is working. It hasn't seemed to increase my supply at other time periods, during the day.

    My question is really this. If I add in a couple sessions, will it increase my overall supply, or just my supply at those times during the day?

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    Default Re: How does pumping affect supply and pumping for my niece

    Hey Erin,
    It is not so much milk sharing as breast sharing, like nursing for another mom, etc.. There are things that you can do to make milk from another mom, a bit safer, but over all this is a very personal choice that everyone has to make for their family. That being said.
    Yes, pumping will increase your supply, as you know breastfeeding is supply and demand, The more we call on our bodies the more milk we will make. Now, If you pump the same time of day every day you should be ok- Your over all supply will increase but you should have that extra milk around the same time everyday. We often tell moms to pump at the same time of day, usually in the am bc you have more milk, but yes you can "train" your body to do what you need to do.
    With your over supply problems in the past just please be careful to remove that milk so that you don't have the issues that you are all to familiar with, plugged ducts, mastsitus, etc..
    You should be fine. Congrats to your family memeber and it really is an awful nice thing that you are thinking about doing for her Brittan-

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    Default Re: How does pumping affect supply and pumping for my niece

    Tread *slowly*. I would suggest starting with only one extra pumping session, seeing where that takes you, then after a few days if you need more you could add another. If your production is already in overdrive, the extra stimulation could increase the production too far.


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    Default Re: How does pumping affect supply and pumping for my niece

    I went from 9 ounces to 19 ounces, in around a month when I was pumping for a baby in NC.

    I agree with going slowly. Additionally I will add that you may need to add in another healthy snack during the day if you plan on really producing more milk on top of what Waylon needs. I figured I would stash away a half ounce or so extra per day, and ease on up.

    Good luck

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