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Thread: Mixing formula and breastmilk

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    Default Mixing formula and breastmilk

    Hi all,
    My daughter will be 9 months old next week (hard to imagine!) and I am suddenly having a little supply issue. I used to be able to pump a good amount in between feedings, but lately there hasn't been a whole lot. I work on a very part time basis, so my baby gets maybe 3-4 bottles per week max. I am still wanting to pump and feed her breastmilk, I have started taking fenugreek to up my supply a little bit, but have any of you successfully mixed breastmilk with formula? I would like to do this to help get over this hump of being stressed out about not having enough milk in the freezer for the next day's bottle.

    Ideally, I really only want to do this until i can get a little stockpile going, and then we'll go back to all breastmilk.

    So, has anyone done this? Any tips? What kind of formula did you use and what ratios did you mix in?

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    Default Re: Mixing formula and breastmilk

    I was supplementing with some formula when my milk supply took a BIG hit. It can be done successfully and DD didn't even notice.

    My recommendation is to make sure your LO is offered a bottle of ONLY breastmilk first and then offer a bottle of formula after the BM is gone. In other words, don't mix the two. This way, if you/the sitter happen to mix more formula than your LO drinks, you won't waste any of the BM. (Very valuable stuff!)

    Also, I'm not sure if I understood correctly, but were you planning on offering ALL formula until you have a bigger freezer stash again? Or even offering LESS BM until you have a stash again? If so, I wanted to add that my freezer stash was little to none. I just pumped for the next day. I wouldn't cut back on BM in any way, shape or form to build it back up.
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    Default Re: Mixing formula and breastmilk

    I definitely don't want to just offer formula, that is a great suggestion of only offering formula after the BM is gone instead of mixing the two. My freezer stash is little to none as well, I just need to get to a point where I can build it up to get at least a day or two ahead. I honestly think the stress of "omg i need a 6 ounce bottle by tomorrow" is affecting my pumpability

    Thanks for your help, we will try this out and see what the baby thinks!

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