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Thread: How to deal with the disappointment?

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    Here is a quick summary of what we have tried that I believed helped the most for our particular situation:

    Frenulum clip
    Craniosacral therapy
    A bottle called the Adiri Natural Nurser
    Taking baths together
    lots of skin to skin contact
    positive experiences at my breast
    my getting the guts to follow my heart and instincts.

    I can't believe we did it!
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    Default Re: How to deal with the disappointment?

    I'm so sorry you're going through this. I couldn't nurse for my LO's first 5 or 6 weeks and I was heartbroken about it. I shed a lot of tears. One thing that kept me going was this - a friend's LO didn't latch on until he was five MONTHS old. One day it finally just worked...

    Best of luck to you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by paigekitten View Post
    With the encouragement of you all, my LCs, midwife, mother, and husband I decided today we would take away the bottles. Apparently she decided it was a good idea too, because here I am, with my baby at my breast and tears of joy running down my face.
    I read your whole story, you've conquered so much mama! You were determined and you have succeeded. Despite bumps in the road, as mothers, we know that we must push forward with what is best for our children. Congratulations on getting your LO to nurse. May many more happy memories come with your new relationships!!

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