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Thread: baby won't take bottle HELP!

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    Default baby won't take bottle HELP!

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been on the boards - my LO is 4 months old and we've gotten nursing down great! I love the special bond I feel with him when I nurse him, but as I'm going back to work, I've begun trying to get him to take a bottle... and failing miserably.

    Any tips?

    When he was younger he had no problem taking a bottle, and I didn't push it much since I really wanted to make sure he got the hang of nursing. I feel like we've tried everything. different nipples, different bottles, different positions, etc. It gets to the point where he starts screaming sometimes just from seeing the bottle come near him!

    We've gotten some luck of getting him to eat a little right when he wakes up with freshly pumped breastmilk, but even that's rare.

    any suggestions would be appreciated!

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    Default Re: baby won't take bottle HELP!

    I can hear how stressed out you are
    What about introducing a slow flow sippy cup? Perhaps its a nipple shape that is causing the rejection?

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    Default Re: baby won't take bottle HELP!

    My son wouldn't take any bottle when I went back to work at 3 months. I finally told my husband & mom (they were alternating watching him) to just bring him up to me at work when he needed to nurse until we could figure out what else to do. They brought him up every hours or so. It worked so well that we just did that the rest of the time, until my husband was able to get a full-time job and I quit work at 8 months to stay home!

    I figured that I would need to be taking pumping breaks anyway, so why not just nurse during that time instead? Would something like that work for your job?

    Warning: even though he wasn't getting any other nipples, my period still came back at 4 mos because our nursing was spread out more.

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