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Thread: Me again! Poop help please!!

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    Default Me again! Poop help please!!

    My 8 week old ds is EBF and has always had bizarre poop. First it was green - too much foremilk which is now rectified. A couple of weeks ago he started having one poop every 24 hours compared to about 5 a day. A while ago ds had a soft and liquidy which had a couple of teeny tiny hard brown bits in it. I told his GP who said it was not constipation as the other poop was soft and constipation can be no BM for 4+ days. OK, well ds then had gastro enteritis and had loads of liquid poops. That cleared up and since then he has had pretty normal looking orangey slimy poo. He has a huge one in the morning and then seems to strain quite a bit during the day, often crying like he is in pain from pushing, to no effect, also, when I offer him the breast he stops straining. Well, today he has had little stains in his nappy every time I have changed him and the last one had clay type bits in it withone teeny tiny hardish brown bit.

    Is this normal?? He is having plenty of wet nappies but I think he is slightly dehydrated as he has had a slightly sunken soft spot. He is also dribbling LOADS at the mo and HV said he could be teething??? At 8 weeks???

    Another thing, I think I have OALD as ds has projectile vomit after some feeds and then HUGE burps!!

    Sorry to go on!! Im beginning to think Im a paranoid neurotic first time mother!!!

    Any advice much appreciated.

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    Default Re: Me again! Poop help please!!

    Well, hopefully someone else with some more info will reply as well, but here are my thoughts:

    The drooling is perfectly normal and doesn't necessarily mean he's about to get teeth. Its just a normal infant stage. My DS drooled so much that he had to wear a bib constantly (and often soaked through it) starting at about 2 1/2 months. He didn't get any teeth until 7 months.

    If he has plenty of wet diapers and is producing that much drool, he doesn't sound dehydrated. But, you could have someone take a look at him if you are worried to ease your mind.

    Straining is also very normal, even with soft breastmilk poops. (Imagine trying to poop while laying down, or sitting in the floor, etc.) However, the hard pieces in the poop don't sound normal to me. Maybe someone else would have some further information on that. I'm not sure what would cause it. Maybe it is normal and I've just never heard of it.

    Spitting up is also fairly common. How often is he vomiting? Does he act upset by it? This can be related to OALD. You could try stopping to burp him more frequently if he tolerates it.

    Keep up the good work. And don't worry--paranoia and neurosis are part of the first time mom job description. I still have them and my DS is 2!

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    Default Re: Me again! Poop help please!!

    My Lo has had lots of tummy problems since birth. She has had to be on Reflux meds as well as antibiotics for tummy problems. The only thing I would recommend is putting your Lo on probiotics. It is just the good bacteria that their intestines need for health. It should help (after a few days) with the straining that could be related to gas. Some babies pick up high levels of bacteria during birth which can cause tummy pain. Also, probiotics can help his tummy recover after the bug he got. My DD's GI doctor said probiotics are always helpful. You can either get them at a natural food store or buy Culturelle at the grocery store (it's more expensive but you don't have to refridgerate. The good bacteria can also help prevent illness because a lot of the stuff we get is picked up in the digestive track. Anyway,it's worth a try to see if it helps your baby. I put it in a bottle of EBM or I think I have heard someone say that you can just put it on your finger and have the baby lick it off.
    The BM may be irregular and strange for a while after a stomach bug.

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