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Thread: 15-month old won't eat any food

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    Default 15-month old won't eat any food

    I've seen the threads about younger babies not wanting to eat, but my boy is 15 months old and will barely touch solids of any sort. He has never been interested in them. He loves to feed me all sorts of food but won't eat them himself. Aside from some cheerios or bread from time to time, he mostly lives on breast milk. I think it's fine at his age but am starting to get a bit nervous. My pediatrician says that he's probably just filling up on the breast milk which he likes more and doesn't seem too concerned; however we saw a back-up pediatrician a couple of weeks ago who did express concern. Has anyone had this issue with an older baby? I'm trying to just be patient and not force him to eat. I figure my milk is healthier than what most kids his age eat anyway, but I want to make sure there are no serious issues to think about here.

    Has anyone been through this? How common is it for a 15-month old to eat nothing?


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    Default Re: 15-month old won't eat any food

    Is your baby getting enough iron and stuff? I always thought that past a year they needed a balance of milk and solids. If he is keen on breads and cereals, does he eat pasta?

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    Default Re: 15-month old won't eat any food

    my dd was like that when her iron was low..
    One of the other mothers on here shared that when thier iron is low they want to nurse more often.
    I don't know Ive never had a doctor say that too me.
    He just might not be growing right now.
    They all have days and weeks were they seam to be living on air.
    Does baby eat meat?
    Thats how we got my dd to eat more..

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