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Thread: 9 days shy of 6 months

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    Default 9 days shy of 6 months

    My LO will turn 6 month at the end of this month. My family is really pressuring to give her sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving (ones I make for her, not the sugar kind). I wanted to wait until AT LEAST 6 months. I know there isn't something magical about that date, but still. She has reached all the milestones that say she is ready, but I just don't know.
    Also, I was going to skip cereal or make my own and everyone is really giving me a hard time about that too. I will talk to my pedi about Iron if I do.

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    Default Re: 9 days shy of 6 months

    Ha this sounds like my LO. He will actually be 6 MO on Thanksgiving and we're going to be out of town. Everyone is already talking about Logan eating sweet potatoes which I don't mind. I was just a little leary because we won't be at home and it would be his first time...... so we're going to practice that week before we go for Thanksgiving w/ the potatoes. To me 6 MO or just a few days shy of 6 MO isn't going to be a big deal. Either way you will make the right choice for your own LO.

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    Default Re: 9 days shy of 6 months

    Do what's right for you. Lots of people skip the cereal. Really it was only invented because Docs used to think babies needed to eat solids earlier, but babies weren't ready for solid food, so they came up with the cereals. You should be fine to skip them and go right to solid foods.

    The sweet potatoes will probably be fine, they are a good first food, but like I said, if you don't want to just tell your family no. You are the mother after all. I know my parents were really excited for us to start solids- it's a fun time and everyone feels like they can be involved in feeding the baby, which is a new thing for them if you're exclusively breastfeeding. It's understandable they are anxious to get started, but you're the mom and if you don't want to you don't have to.

    HTH, have a fun Thanksgiving whatever you decide.
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    Default Re: 9 days shy of 6 months

    If she's meeting all the milestones them she should be ready. 9 days won't make much difference. I'm sure a baby that is 9 days short of 6 months but developmentally ready will be more ready for solids than a 7-m-o that isn't showing the signs.

    We didn't do cereal. There is enough iron in BM for babies well past this age. see http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/vitamins/iron.html

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    Default Re: 9 days shy of 6 months

    Your post is so familiar to me! This is exactly when my daughter (now 7 months old) started really becoming interested in what my husband & I were eating, and needing more BFing to satisfy her appetite. I started her on rice cereal 10 days before her 6 month mark, and she's done beautifully. Sweet potatoes happened to be the third puree'd solid I gave to her (I'm making all my own food for her in the food processer), and she LOVED them. Sometimes it's hard, but just trust your instincts. Amidst all the family pressures and "rules" that seem to carry authority, sometimes you just have to listen to your baby and follow your gut. I think sweet potatos at Thanksgiving would be a wonderful treat for your baby and all the relatives to be able to witness her "first" taste of the family banquet (even though her version of sweet potatoes will be without all the "extras" that I know I love (like pecans, marshmallows and brown sugar - yum!) Have fun with it!

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