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Thread: On the go...???

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    I too would ask for a warm cup of water to help warm up the bottle, however, I usually NIP. My failsafe is my car. It is so comfortable, warm, and private. There is an armrest in the middle front seat, so I can feed him football style and which breast I need depends on which side of the car I sit on. I love breastfeeding, cause I can go anywhere in my car with the baby and don't have to worry about where I might feed him and warming up bottles or any of that. (Way to lazy for formula!!!)

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    I would suggest trying the bottles at room temperature in case your LO will take them that way - you never know until you try! Or you could try running them under warm water in the public restroom where you are at the time. You could even carry a small bowl in the diaper bag and fill that with warm water and let the bottle set in there for a few minutes.

    My LO is 6 weeks and I thought about bringing along bottles, but the problem is then my breasts have missed a feeding and would need to be pumped. I have realized it is much easier to just nurse in my car in between stores. I'm working on using a sling and nursing wrap but haven't been able to figure them out yet

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    My dd rarely gets her ebm actually warm. Sometimes, but not usually. I store in both freezer bags and in Playtex drop-in bags (which I keep 4 of in the fridge but can be used in the freezer too), and the bags take no time at all to heat up to room temp under a faucet of warm water (which I do when we're bottlefeeding at home). When we're going somewhere, I just get the frozen milk to the slushy point, where it isn't frozen anymore but not room temp yet, I pour it into the bottle and go. By the time she needs it, it's either warmed to room temp already, or I just get a cup of hot water or faucet and warm it. It's good for a few hours, which is about how often she eats anyway. I've never traveled with the frozen bags themselves, as mentioned in a pp. I've not yet been away from home for that long as to need to take some of my freezer stash with me.

    I really wanted to get a travel bottle warmer, but I read reviews like crazy and unfortunately never found one with good reviews. I've read they all pretty much are useless.

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    Actually Breastmilk is fine at room temperature for up to 8hours. So if you pump right before you leave the house, and put it right in your diaper bag, keep your bag in the trunk while you travel, you should not need to warm it up because you don't need to keep it in a cooler. The baby will be much happier with room temperature Breastmilk than reheated. It's fine straight from you to bottle to her as long as it's with in 8hours. The time lines listed on the Pumps are uber conservative. But I learned form my local LLL leader that up to 8hours out as long as it is 70 degrees or cooler is fine.

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    i think once you get the hang of nip, it will be waay easier on you than tyring to manage a bottle. i always worried about keeping in fressh, it being out too long, keepingthe bottle clean...etc. once i got over the initial few times, i really felt liberated.

    one thing that helped me was wearing a nursing tank under another shirt. preferable one that opens in the front ( although lifting up a tee shrit or sweater works too

    when babe needed to eat, i would bundle up my jacket like a boppy, turn my back while i got her latched...nursing tank pulled down , over shirt pulled up or over and dd's head covered the only exposed part. it really was that simple after we got the hang of it. practice in front of a mirror to see for yourself. i also started in more private places and then worked my way up to anywhere and everywhere. ( ie started in the car, then in the nursing station at the mall, then on the bench in the mall with the stroller infront of me...then without the stroller etc.)

    you can do this !! btw, my fave tanks are by bravado designs ( www.bravadodesigns.com ) i love thier stuff, and highly reccomend it over the store brand tanks. they just did not have the same support as bravado's...there is a nursing bra actually inside the tank, not just a shelf!

    anyway, good luck and i hope you'll get out there and get going have boob will travel , i always said


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