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Thread: I work 2 LONG shifts/week, supply down

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    Default I work 2 LONG shifts/week, supply down

    Hey there, I've started working about 2 long shifts/week, anywhere from 14-16 hours. I manage to pump only 2 times while away and usually get 10-12 oz in total, which keeps my son 13 month old son happy for the following day. I never was a good pumper, I have always just nursed him.
    Anyways, here's my question/comment. When I return home, my little guy works very hard to bring back up my supply, I feel bad, he suckles all night and it drives me nuts, because I know he isn't getting what he is used to the rest of the week, it takes him a few days to get the supply back up to where he is happy. Any one else bad at pumping at work? maybe its my manual pump, or maybe I just hate pumping!!! am I playing russian roulet, will my supply actually go away one of these times? I need to be more diligent while at work, but its hard.
    any suggestions?

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    Default Re: I work 2 LONG shifts/week, supply down

    Your son may be nursing more often because he misses you, misses nursing, and wants to reconnect...not simply because he is hungry. In any case, with only two pumping sessions in a 12-14 hour shift, frequent nursing when you get home is a good way to keep your full milk supply. It sounds like you and your baby have found something that works! Smart boy!


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