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Thread: Slow Weight Gain Concerns

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    Question Slow Weight Gain Concerns

    Caitlyn was 8 lbs 7 oz at birth and Monday at her 6 month check up she weighed in at 15 lbs 5 oz. At her 4 month check up (I am pretty sure it was her 4 month check up, but it seems like it wasn't that long ago) she was 14 lbs 14oz. Her height is in the 75th percentile and weight is 35 percentile.

    Up to this point she has been ebf, altho she did try cereal one time a few days ago.
    The dr said she is doing fine, but that I need to start feeding her solids as breast milk will no longer be enough to sustain her.

    Do I have to start feeding her solids? We have a lot of allergies in our family, so wanted to wait as long as possible before starting them.

    Should I be concerned about her slow weight gain?

    She nurses on demand and has a good number of wet/dirty diapers every day. During the 11 hours I am gone during the day she eats between 3-5
    4 oz bottles depending on the day. Once I am home she nurses frequently (almost non stop ) until we go to bed. She nurses several times during the night with the last feeding at 5 am before I go to work. She then gets her first bottle when she wakes up between 10 am - noon and I get home between 6:30-7:30.
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    We followed our son's cues as far as solids go and that meant he wasn't eating more than a couple of tablespoons until probably 10 months or so. He was also a chunk and at the top of the charts, so I find it hard to believe what your dr was saying to be true. Would going in for a weight check in another month be an option so you have a better idea of what is happening?

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    Default Re: Slow Weight Gain Concerns

    According to my pediatrician, who is very breastfeeding-savvy and used to head a neonatal intensive care unit (so she's obviously no slouch mentally), told me that breastmilk provides sufficient nutrition up to the age of one year, and that until that point, solids are only for trying out new oral motor skills and new tastes.

    It's not a bad thing to be 75th percentile for height and 35th for weight- being tall and slender is a nice combo! So long as your daughter is more or less staying on track with her personal growth curves, then it sounds to me like everything is fine. Oh- and it's normal for weight gain to slow way down as your baby becomes increasingly mobile.

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    I was actually told that FF babies should start solids before a BF baby - that BM is exactly what is needed for the first full year, any solids you try before that are just for exploration.


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    Default Re: Slow Weight Gain Concerns


    heres some great info form kelly moms...

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