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Thread: Worried after Dr. Appt

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    He is now at 27 1/2 inches, which the dr. said is average now for his age. He has been above avg, so he's slowed down in that area too.

    Where can I find mother's milk tea, and how long should it take to work?

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    Take some comfort in the fact that your doctor isn't worried. It is normal for breastfed babies to slow down in all areas of growth at this age. The growth pattern you are describing is typical, not abnormal at all!

    Remember that the growth charts are just averages. In any case, your baby is still on the charts. Even babies who have "fallen off the charts" are often still okay. Ask yourself:

    ~Is my baby still having plenty of diaper output?
    ~Has my baby lost any weight? Actual weight loss is a concern, and may be a sign of an underlying health problem.
    ~Is my baby active and alert, or sleepy and lethargic?
    ~Does my baby look healthy? Do I see any signs of dehydration or malnutrition?

    Growth charts are not the first and last word of infant health.

    HTH. Hang in there!


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