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Thread: When did you start cycling again

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    The day before his first birthday party! I've had three now and they've been really regular. Funny because, before I had a baby, they were pretty erratic! Since my periods returned, I've had a lot of ups and downs emotionally - more down than up actually. Some really low downs. Anyone else had that? Not trying to hijack the thread, just wondering!

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    After baby #1, first period at 14 mos ppd.
    After baby #2, first period at 11 mos ppd.
    After baby #3, first period at 20.5 mos ppd!!!
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    it returned at 6 months. i enjoyed it's absence while it lasted.

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    My DS was 16 months when I had a sort of period last month. He's just 17 months now, it's been 32 days since and no repeat period. So, yeah, I don't really know what's up with my body! And no real big change in his nursing habits...still nurses frequently during the day and a few times at night!

    So yeah, I was lucky to be free of it for so long. But we want to TTC again, so I do want to start ovulating again. And maybe I am, who knows. I'm thinking of taking a preg test just to see.
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    I wasn't lucky like some women are! I got my first post baby period at 7 weeks! Then they stopped for a couple of months and came back regularly starting at 4 months. I never gave formula and didn't start on solids till 6 months so I felt kind of cheated by my body!

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