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Thread: Taking the LO outside

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    Default Taking the LO outside

    I don't know exactly where this fits but as I'm a working mother, I thought I might find some answers here.

    I live in a very big city and work from home. Because we live in a walk-up, which means no elevator, it's a big deal to get the car seat, car seat frame (this is our version of a stroller) and all our bags down 3 flights of stairs when we take the LO out for a walk. Because of this, our sitter, who is in her 60s, doesn't go out with the baby. She also doesn't know the area well.

    Because the sitter leaves at 5:30pm, I had been taking our LO outside for walks once the sitter is gone but now it's dark outside and I've been hoping to take her out during the mornings before work. Now here's the question: sometimes I can't take her outside for a couple days at a time, either because work starts early for some reason OR because my LO is napping. This worries me as I really think it's not great for her to be indoors all day (she's almost 5 months old).

    Is it bad for my LO to be indoors for a couple days at a time?

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    Default Re: Taking the LO outside

    what ever works for your family.
    In the winter time I don't like to go out unless I realy need to.

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    Default Re: Taking the LO outside

    I wouldn't worry too much about it, when it's cold, we can go several days without going outside.
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    Default Re: Taking the LO outside

    I know that my LO loves to be outside, but there are many days we don't go out. If you're very concerned, what about spending time near a window or maybe with the window open on a nice day?

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    Default Re: Taking the LO outside

    Is your LO old enough for an umbrella stroller? If so, perhaps you could leave it downstairs in the morning and bring it up at night so your daycare provider doesn't have to carry it. (If you buy one of the cheap ones, you won't have to care if it gets stolen.) Perhaps she could then carry the baby and a small diaper bag with just the essentials downstairs and get out for a walk a couple of times a week.

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