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Thread: Pumping more from left breast

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    Default Pumping more from left breast

    Is it bad that I continuously get more milk when pumping on my left breast than the right side? My left side is also considerably bigger than the right. For the last week I have been making a conscious effort to start nursing my 9 week old on the right side to try and even things out without success!

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    For most moms, one side produces more than the other. For me it is the left too. I nurse my LO on the right first and more often and I pump longer on the right to try to keep them "even" looking. I know it is vain and it does not make a difference but I like my milk boobs so I thought I owuld try to make them even. They are close but not equal. Esp. in the morning when I get up - one is Huge and not the other. My DH says it is b/c I sleep on that side and the milk drains into the one side (like they are connected).
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    I don't think so, I call my breast which is my RB the worker breast since it seem to give more and the baby seem to get more satisfied on it, the LB has a quicker let down but the RB is always more full and always fill up the bottle while pumping.

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    I don't know many moms that have the same output from both breasts. For the longest time I refered to my left one as appy and desert, and my left as the entree.

    When I would pump my left would produce almost 2x as much.
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    My left also produces more and is bigger. We use this to our advantage. DH and I call left breast the "big gun" and right the "little gun". I nurse/pump both the same number of times, but use the big gun at times like before we leave the house for an errand or when lo is particularly hungry. If dd wants to comfort nurse (before bed), I save the little gun for her.


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