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Thread: Periods returning

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    Default Periods returning

    We are exlusively BFeeding. I had my first period last month and it seemed very normal and similar to my pre-pregnancy cycle. However, I have not had it again-only about a week late. Just wondering if it is normal for them to be irregular since I am still BFing? My first two were on formula by now, but when my period returned after them, they began cycling normally.
    Thanks for any input!
    I did do a pregnancy test just to be sure, it was negative.

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    I got my 1st period when little one was about 3.5 mos. I didn't get it again for about 6 weeks, then again in 6 weeks, then I got it every other week for a whole week, then finally went two weeks without and got it back. The first one was extremely heavy, since then I may have one heavy day then it weakens off for the rest of the week.

    From others I've talked to, it is normal to be off schedule. Some lucky ppl go right back on track, which would be great so you can figure out ovulation to avoid or try to become pregnant again...but no luck here..lol

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    Thank you for the info! It sounds like it is different for everyone, huh? I won't be too concerned about it. Thanks again!

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