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Thread: Do premature births reoccur?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lyzzi View Post
    that is interesting- how far along were the miscarriages? my dr. has found that my anticardiolipin levels are off- and that is exactly what happens from that- miscarriages one after another that are very early and if the babies do make it farther, it is very likely that you will sustain pregnancy and miscarry later- usually in the 2nd trimester. i am so blessed to have my two little boys- both born early- one at 35 wks and one at 32wks. i have been advised for this and other health reasons that it is too big of a risk to have more children- have they done full blood tests on your friend? i would have never found out i had this problem if it weren't for a very good doctor wanting to understand why i got as sick as i did with my babies (i had pre-e)... you friend could look into getting some blood work done and then if things aren't right going to a specialist to learn more about how to achieve a healthier pregnancy.
    Hmm.Ive never heard of this.She was pre-e too with her surviving child.
    Quote Originally Posted by Vanne View Post
    incompetent cervix?
    supposidely no.

    It didnt matter though, as the child that prompted the question was unable to make it.I know its mom wants to try again,although her doctors are advising against it

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    i was just wondering if you friend ever asked her dr about the anticardiolipin levels- i know the body can do crazy things and just because you have the symptoms doesn't mean you have the disorder but she sounded like a text book case of it, especially since she also had pre-e. this seems to be a contributing factor to pre-e i was told by my dr (they never really say that it "causes" pre-e... pre-e seems to be a big mystery to me that no one really knows a lot about)

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    My first two were full term. Third born at 26 weeks due to placenta previa resulting in a placental abruption. My fourth born full term actually when I found out Iwas pregnant I wasn't worried about another preemie because of the reason last time.

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