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Thread: Baby does not like to take the bottle!!!

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    Default Baby does not like to take the bottle!!!

    Hello ladies,
    My LO is 10 weeks old. She takes the breast exclusively except for maybe 1 or 2 days out of the week for 8 hours (3-4 bottles) of BM of course. I am a student and so my husband has to feed her on those days for that time. My problem is that my husband has a problem with her fussing. She won't eat unless she is really hungry. She doesnt seem to like the bottle much. When I come home she ends up spending atleast an hour on the breast. I think mostly for comfort b/c at that point there isnt much milk left.
    Should I give her the bottle more. Should my husband do it and not me? I was always so afraid of nipple confusion so I didnt give her the paci or the bottle for 4 weeks and now she won't take the paci at all and doesnt care for the bottle. Im concerned!!
    Any suggestions???

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    Default Re: Baby does not like to take the bottle!!!

    Maybe he could try a different bottle/nipple? How about spoon feeding or with a syringe?

    Here's a link with more thoughts on it

    good luck
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    Default Re: Baby does not like to take the bottle!!!

    Hi can you tell us a bit more about the type of bottle you're using? I found that a wide neck bottle works best for my baby who also did not like to take a bottle!

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    Default Re: Baby does not like to take the bottle!!!

    Sure, Im using the Madela bottles. Not sure exactly what kind of nipples those are but I don't think there the wide neck ones. Which ones do you


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