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Thread: possibly allergic?

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    Default possibly allergic?

    DS and I have been experimenting with solids (jarred). He is 6 mos and eats the solids pretty well. He's had sweet potatoes, carrots, peas (does not like), and pears. The other day, I fed him bananas (again jarred). Halfway through the feeding his eyes got very red and a little purple. It looked like someone had punched him. He also had red spots (not raised) on his temples.
    Of course, we stopped immediately and watched him. He did not seem to be bothered by it at all. It went away in about 30 min. So, what do you think?

    I tastsed the bananas (always taste his food-Yuck!) and they were a bit tart. And he gets red VERY easily. Could the food just been too sour for him and so his eyes watered? Do you think he might be allergic? Isn't that an odd food to be allergic to?

    Thanks In Advance!

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    As a mom to a child with multiple food allergies, I would say that you are right to be cautious! While bananas aren't one of the most common food allergens, it is possible to be allergic to them. I would wait a while before trying bananas again and ask your baby's doctor about it. Do allergies (any kind) run in your family? How about in dad's family? If so, even more reason to be cautious.

    When my son was about 8-9 months, his Ped suggested that we start adding some additional protein and suggested cheese and cottage cheese. We tried cottage cheese and my son's lips swelled. It really freaked me out! Like your experience, the symptoms were gone in 30 minutes or so. I brought it up to the ped and he said not to give it to him anymore but went on to suggest that I try another protein...an egg. I knew better but did it anyway (doctors know better than mom, right? ) My son had a severe reaction that could have killed him had we not gotten to the ER in time. He had additional tests and we found out he was also allergic to dairy (thus the cottage cheese reaction), wheat and peanuts. My point is, trust your instincts and be cautious (like you are)!

    Hope that helps!


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    Thanks, Kristi.
    We actually tried it the next day (this time in full light) and the same thing happened. It was not as severe, but I was also watching for it and probably stopped it earlier than last time. I'm not sure about his dad's family (I don't think they have allergies), but I am allergic to tomato and tomato products. It was an allergy I "grew" into as a highschool student. Hopefully, I will grow out of it (although it has been like 15 yrs already!)
    We go to the ped next week. I'll talk to her then about it. And no more bananas for us until then.

    BTW: taking your LO to the ER must have been SOOO scary!

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