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Thread: feeding timeline?

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    I started feeding my 6 mo old son baby food about two weeks ago. He is still mostly on breastmilk and eats about 3 tablespoons of baby food twice a day. When and What else could I feed him? Is it more important that he gets breastmilk for the first year than to be concerned about what types of food he is eating?
    I'm not sure if I should be following a timeline of some sort to introduce different types of food.


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    What kinds of baby foods are you feeding him? I know that when you first start with solids it seems like baby isn't really even eating that much but it is all about practice. As he gets more practice at eating solids (and as he gets hungrier!) he'll eat more and more. Breast milk alone may not provide enough nutrients and calories after baby's first six months. Also, it is beneficial to start introducing a variety of solids (slowly) because babies are open to trying anything you put in front of them. As they get older that may not be the case.

    Here is what I used as a guide when starting solids with my boys (from Developmental Nutrition by Kretchman and Zimmerman):
    5-6 months: 7-8 oz breast milk/feeding (4-5 times/day)
    rice cereal - 3 T at breakfast and dinner
    strained fruit - 1.5-2 T at B, L and D
    Strained veg - 2-3 T at lunch
    strained meat - 1-2 T at lunch

    Obviously, you don't want to start with this all on one day but it is something to be a guide and to work up to. I would start with some veggies like squash, sweet potato, green beans, etc. Take a couple of weeks to intro a couple of different veggies, then start a fruit or two (bananas and applesauce are easy and you don't have to buy baby food jars, just mash a banana and add water and buy unsweetened applesauce). Then you could try some meats later on.

    You are already on the right track! Let your baby guide you, too. Offer a variety and don't get too worried about amounts, etc. He'll gobble it up if he's hungry!

    I hope that is helpful!


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