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Thread: No hindmilk

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    Question No hindmilk

    I just pumped both breast since dd2 is not feeling well. Anywho, I pumped the left breast for 20min. and seems to me no hindmilk. The milk looked watery and I was lucky to get the 1oz. The right breast I got about 3oz total and I can tell there is hindmilk by the color. It was a nice white and full looking.

    I know pumping does not empty the breast like baby, but still shouldn't there be hindmilk? Should I be worried? I am going to pump again later today to see if there is a differece. I know I have cold and doing my best to drink water and other fluids and dd2 has a cold so she nurses very little and less often (the reason why I am pumping todad).

    Thanks for you input.
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    Default Re: No hindmilk

    This happens to me when I wait to long in between feeding/pump sessions... I have to stop and massage my breast and wait about 20 mins and then pump again....
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