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Thread: Stopping pumping... possible issue

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    Question Stopping pumping... possible issue

    Hi! I am finally stopping pumping (lasted almost eleven months!). How I did it was to just gradually reduce the number of pumps until I was down to two a day and then from there reduce the quantity I pumped at each time. I'd say by the time I was pumping less than two ounces per sitting was about the time I quit altogether. But keep in mind that if I had wanted to pump more, I probably could have gotten a lot more... meaning that I was walking around a little engorged. A couple of days later I pumped about three ounces in the morning just to get comfortable and that was the last of it. That was one week ago this morning.
    Question is... I'm still producing and have no idea how long this takes to completely go away. If I squeeze, a little comes out... and I'm starting to get hard knots around the areola as of today.
    Should I pump a little bit more or will this resolve itself on its own?

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    Default Re: Stopping pumping... possible issue

    I do not have any experience weaning from pump or baby yet... but I recall reading on the weaning forum (located a few above the pumping forum) that you should only express enough milk to make yourself comfortable. Any more than that may stimulate production. I aso read it can take some women months for the milk to go away if they ever checked by squeezing a little out.

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