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Thread: Persistent plugged duct for 2 weeks

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    Default Persistent plugged duct for 2 weeks

    Hi Ladies...please help.

    I have chronic plugged ducts since my baby is 3 weeks. Almost every 3-4 days i used get a plugged duct, usually with all the effort they go off in a day or 3 days. But now i have this clogged duct for more than 2 weeks (17days) , my baby is now 11 weeks.I developed high fever, severe pain 10 days ago and my OB gave 10 day course of antibiotics. Even after taking complete course of antibiotics,my clog is still on, now there is not much pain or redness but its very frustrating since its been there for 17 days.

    I am nursing every 3-4 hrs, pumping in between too, taking hot showers, warm washcloth, changing positions, eating garlic, taking lecithin.

    Does plugged duct last for more than 2 weeks?What else should I do?

    I really need some help.

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    Lightbulb Re: Persistent plugged duct for 2 weeks

    I believe I've read a post about this too. This mother was having recurrent mastits. She followed all of the usual instructions and for weeks nothing helped. She was in so much pain, almost giving up on breastfeeding. One day she took a bath bent forward and felt a something hit her face. It was the plug! A very small white thing. She didn't notice before because it was too small. So now she spreads her nipples in the hot bath and finds the white plugs and removes them. From what I remember this really reduced her recurrent mastitis.

    Simiarly I have the problem. I noticed my bra would add to the plugged duct. Even though it was a nursing bra, loose fitting and had no underwires, it still attributed to a painful lump in the breast. I even noticed that when I pump I can't get all the milk out. One day it was so bad at work. It was near the time I had to pump and I was on my way out the door. I felt my let down coming so I went into the bathroom and bent over. As I lean forward I massage my areola as if to express milk. Then all this rich milk came rushing out of my breast as if it was contained for a long time.

    But to try and prevent it I try not to wear bras at home. And if it's one particular breast giving the problem I offer that same breast first for the next two feedings and RELAX. That seemed to be a key in reducing my plugged ducts. And I noticed the more I relax the more let downs I have in that one feeding which helps to empty the breast. And of course following the tips for plugged ducts/mastitis as you mentioned.

    Also massage the area that has pain at the same time your baby is nursing. Take your fingers and "walk" it down to the nipple. Under the breast too helps or wherever you feel it sensitive or you feel a lump of milk.
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    Default Re: Persistent plugged duct for 2 weeks

    Have you tried the position where you get on all fours over baby? It helps to use gravity to drain the breast. Yah, you might feel weird about hovering but it really helps.
    Another thing to think about is baby wearing, back packs, underwire bras (like the PP said) anything that adds pressure or constrains the area might need to be changed. I highly agree with going bra free at home and when ever you can manage. I have read about a diet change for reoccurring mastitus. I will get the link. Here you go!
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    Default Re: Persistent plugged duct for 2 weeks

    Well I can't speak directly to your situation but I can offer my experience...

    WHen my first child was born I had similar troubles. It too progressed to mastitis. I took a course of abx as well and the infection subsided, as did the pain and there remained a 'bump'. TO this day I have a lump there and it's now referred to a galactocele (here's a thread I started long ago about it). Not harmful or painful. Had a biopsy done on it (way back when) and it's a-okay. My doc told me to watch it and make sure it never changes... if it does go to a doc soon...

    If there's no more pain, you many just want to keep an eye on it, do nurse in such a way that helps drain the clog, if possible, but it may just do what mine did...

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    Default Re: Persistent plugged duct for 2 weeks

    Hi I've used lecithin, it helps to clear up blocked ducts. And keep them clear. haven't had one in a long time! You can get it at most health shops.

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    Default Re: Persistent plugged duct for 2 weeks

    I have had the same thing more or less. It turns out I have had a nipple and milk duct yeast infection for the past 5 months. I'm on day 13 of fluconazole and it is getting better. Anyway this yeast has contributed to recurrent mastitis (so did some of my nursing bras that cut across the breasts). I've tried a ton of baths, showers, heating pads, massage, etc and nothing would work. Anyway I tried something for my current clog this morning that might help you. Fill your bathtub with the hottest water you can stand but add a ton of epsom salts. For my garden tub I used 2 lbs of salts. Wait a few then get to massaging. The plug right under my right nipple (ouch) that has been there for a week unclogged after about a half hour of massage. Some oily looking stuff came out of a new "hole" I never noticed before in my aqua-massages (gross!). It is much better - still tender and I will have to do another bath tonight - but I was in so much pain it was up there with giving birth and now it is better. I also have learned to regularly "exfoliate" my nipple crevaces with a short finger nail and a light touch in the tub. I thought it was natural lubrication, but I think many of my plugs were due to this residue. I don't know what it is. Milk fats?

    One other thing I'm curious about that might work is theraputic ultrasound. The dose of ultrasound is: 2 watts/cm2, continuous, for five minutes to the affected area, once daily for up to two doses. Evidently it can dislodge a tough clog. A local physical therapy place should have the machine.

    Good luck! We are here with you sista!

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