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    Question New Here and have a question

    Hi ladies! My name is Keri and I have two sons. Zachary is 2 years old and Ethan is 5 months old. I have been EPing since day one with Ethan. He was tongue tied at birth and we have recently had it clipped. My problem is that Ethan only takes 5-6 oz of EBM 4 times a day. He is gaining weight fine and we have no worries that he is not getting enough. He has started waking at night and giving me all the signs he might need to start solids. I started giving him rice cereal at night before bed and he cut back to only 18-20 oz of EBM for the day. Should I just wait on the solids?? It is just so hard because he was going 10-12 hours at night and now only 6 hours. Sorry so long. TIA!

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    My second child was formula-fed, but I had a similar experience with her. I actually had to start giving her cereal at night at 4 months! (She was a 9-pound newborn with quite an appetite!) Just start with baby food very runny, and you can mix it with breast milk. My daughter actually liked it better a little thick, but start runny so there's no problems with choking. It should help him, and you, sleep! Trust your instincts...if you think he's ready for solids, try it. (Also, have you checked to see if he's teething? That might be keeping him awake, too.)
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    Your son sounds like he is probably ready for new foods. Sometimes cereal isn't always the best way to go, however. "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding" published by LLL suggests a good solid food to start with is mashed banana. It has more nutritional value than processed grain and rice cereals, and tastes way better too! You can mix the banana with some EBM to get it to a consistency your baby likes. **Beware**too many bananas can make for a constipated baby. We started my son with bananas, and he loved them, but they backed him up something awful. However, if he's still getting good quantities of breastmilk, this hopefully will counteract the effects of the banana.

    Here is some more info on starting solids



    The last link is important because it stresses that contrary to popular belief, giving a baby cereal has never been proven to help them sleep at night. But every baby is different, and it very well could help yours. I hope this helps!

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