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Thread: Pumping question.. when?

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    Default Pumping question.. when?

    So I am sure this has been asked a million times before but while searching through the threads I keep getting side tracked finding new info. So I think I need to just ask in my own thread because I am a busy milk momma with a newborn.
    I am scheduled to return to my part time job on the 30th. I have a single Medela electric which works as well as it can I believe? I get about double or triple from my right breast as I do from my left. I have been pumping for well over a week now due to mastitis that lead my son to refuse my breast, then I got it in my other breast so I was pumping and using bottles for a few days. We seem to be back on track with nursing however I am not sure how to get a very good stock of milk for him while I am back at work and not make my milk supply out of control causing me issues again. When I am back to work it will be Fri Sat and Mon only and about 10 hrs each day with my work schedule and getting there and back.
    I was thinking setting a schedule for pumping? Say every 5 hrs and continue to nurse on demand? Will that work? Because is it true that there will always be milk there for my son no matter what, as in if he is ready to eat 15 mins after I just sat and pumped for 30- 45 mins?
    I am also about to order the Medela PIS so I wont have that until it ships to me, but will have that in plenty of time for returning to work.
    Thanks in advance for any input, everyone here is always so helpful!
    lots of for the cloth dipes!
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    Default Re: Pumping question.. when?

    I only bought my pump 3 days b4 returning to work SO I pumped everytime he nursed. I also have a single pump. That really worked. Have a double will be great!!! Yes there will always be milk there!!! I have pumped 4-5 oz out of each breast and he would want to eat.... and there was milk there!

    At work I pump every 2-3 hrs...

    Good luck!

    Married mama with 4 kiddos...2 girls (11 & 6) and 2 boys (21mo & 3mo)

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