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Thread: Sick baby and odd happenings.

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    Default Sick baby and odd happenings.

    My baby is now 2mo. The sickies have been going through our family of 9 for a couple of weeks. I had it bad last week at the beginning. I still have sniffles and a cough but I am better. My 18mo has it the worse right now croupish cough, runny nose, and an occasional fever.

    So over the last couple of days Evan (the 2mo) has been sneezing more, added a cough last light (nothing major yet) but has also begun to; what I think is; over produce saliva. He however doesn't drool it he sits there and swallows it, chokes on it and gives himself gas both upper and lower.

    The swallowing of the saliva has inhibited his nursing. He doesn't feel as hungry and because he gives himself gas he gets too uncomfortable to eat as well. He'll suckle for a little bit and then pull off crying because he needs to be burped. I'll burp him and try relatching him but all the while I can hear him swallowing and almost choking on his own spit again. So the cycle repeas itself. I'll try latching he'll suckle for a little bit only to need to be burped. Nursing sessions are short because he wears himself out to the point of just going back to sleep.

    I want him to nurse more so he can get those anti-bodies to help fight off that cold, but this new saliva swallowing isn't helping any. I had to pump this morning because I was getting too full for him to latch properly again. I was able to get a good 3-4 ounces in him through the bottle at least, which made me feel better.

    What can I do, if anything, about the saliva swallowing?

    How can I help him with nursing at the breast more without getting him too uncomfortable? I burp him before latching and after and it doesn't seem to work.

    I just want my baby better.

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    Default Re: Sick baby and odd happenings.

    I almost wonder if he has a sore throat or swollen tonsils. I'm not a doctor (nor do I play one on the internet ), so I really couldn't say. But, I strongly urge you to contact your baby's health care provider if for nothing more than reassurance.

    In the meanwhile, here's a page you might find helpful:

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