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Thread: how much cow's milk if still AM/PM feeding?

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    Default how much cow's milk if still AM/PM feeding?

    Hello again all! Just want to say before I pose my question what a wonderful resource this is for those of us who can't make it to LLL meetings regularly. Just a wonderful way to get/share info..

    Anyway, as DD approaches her first birthday, she is gradually dropping "during the day" feedings. She infrequently takes a bottle of ebm from dad/sitter while I'm at work and only occasionally nurses during the day when I'm home with her (usually for comfort, not hunger). AM/PM feedings are still going strong and I don't want to stop until she's ready.

    My question is, if she keeps up with the AM/PM feedings, how much cow's milk/other milk will she need for nutrition during the day (if/when I'm away at work and at other times)? Does anyone know an amount to aim for so I can let my childcare know?

    Does she even need a lot of milk if she is still nursing AM/PM and eats a variety of different foods (fruits/veggies/protein-esp. cheese and yogurt/grains) during the day for meals and snacks?

    I have read Ruth Yaron's Super Baby Food book (LOVE IT!) and a few other resources, but haven't found any specific info that says she HAS to have cow's milk to replace the EBM and if so, how much.

    Much thanks,
    CJ's mama

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    Default Re: how much cow's milk if still AM/PM feeding?

    So long as she's still nursing at least 3-4 times in 24 hours, she does not need any other source of calcium, fat, or protien. And if she's still nursing twice, she would only need one serving of dairy. I believe that's 8 oz (1 cup) milk or yogurt or 2 oz of cheese. From what you discribe, it sounds like right now she is getting plenty between nursing in the AM/PM and eating yogut and cheese on a regular basis.

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