Boy that makes me feel so much better. However, one problem. My son has almost 4 teeth and bites me the minute he latches. And since he hasn't nursed in over 5 weeks now he's biting even more and I'm so tense and it's so hard to try to nurse. I'm going to "try" it more and more and like a LLL Tiana I believe said to nurse him while he is sleeping so that may help. I may even try to bring him to bed with me (he's actually already asleep now) when I go to bed and see if he'll nurse all night with me. I don't want to start a bad habit though of him co-sleeping too long. But I will do it cause I miss my "bond" with him!

Lots of love to everyone and happy milk!!!!
Your story really made me happy and VERY motivated cause I was getting really down on this! But I'm happy now!