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Thread: wierd leaking question

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    ok. this may sound wierd but i'm curious as to why (if there is actually any legit reason) that some people leak and others don't. i have never ever leaked and have plenty of milk but my good friend can't leave the house without loading up on breast pads. is there any actual reason for this? do i have less milk than someone who leaks more?

    just curious.


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    Most women leak in the early weeks of breastfeeding. However, some women don't stop leaking. From my understanding, leaky breasts are just that: leaky breasts. They are not a good indicator of whether you have too much milk, too little milk, or just the right amount of milk.

    In general, breasts seem to leak more when nearing a feeding or more commonly when nursing on the opposite side. Although I have never personally experienced this, I know women who can have a let-down of milk from simply listening to another person's baby cry. I think I would be more apt to wear nursing pads, if I had ever experienced this personally.

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    Leaky breasts dont really mean anything. Some women have it, some dont.
    My breasts started leaking MASSIVE amounts when i was 5/6 months pregnant and didnt stop till my dd was more than a year old. breasts pads? PTHHH! I had to go around with towels under my shirt to stem the flow! in the end, i just lived in sticky wet shirts most of the time, and I always had a spare t-shirt in our diaper bag
    If your breasts dont leak, don't worry about it, be thankful!

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    I totally agree with pp about being thankful for non-leaking breasts!! I have leaked with all of my children. The worst was with my first...I experienced that whole leaking when someone elses baby cries bit!! I was in a store, getting ready to pay for my stuff...didn't even have dd with me...I looked down and I was wet all over!! Absolutely humiliating!! It would be nice if there were some way to make them stop leaking, and I leak less with this one, but I think it is just the way my gals were made!
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    I also leak very easily until we have a very established feeding schedule. Even now at almost 5 months, I still leak occasionally. One time, my 7 year old started crying and I let down!! How bizarre!

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