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Thread: long time between feeds?

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    my little man, now almost 4 months keeps going for long times between feeds. I mean 24 hours kind of long times! I have been managing an overactive let down and oversupply, and of course the blocked ducts that go with that, and now this!?

    some days he eats loads, and then he's goes a day without eating. anyone else had any experience with this? how long is it safe to leave him without feeding before I panic and offer something else? surely he needs something in that period?

    coping with a 2 year old and managing difficult breast feeding is taking it's toll so all help appreciated.


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    Default Re: long time between feeds?

    Do you try putting him to the breast? How does he react to this? Try putting him to the breast when he is sleepy/ or just got up from a nap.

    Does he gets up at night to nurse?

    At around 4 mths they can be very distracted and forget to nurse . My DS was this way too. http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns...ible-baby.html

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