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Thread: Bottle refusal

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    Default Bottle refusal

    I have breastfed LO always. He would only have a bottle when my mom was watching him or we were out in public. Maybe once a week or less. He is 3 months old and had always took the bottles. We use Vent Air. Well all the sudden he won't take a bottle. We tried the Nuk kind too since he uses those pacifiers, but still won't take it. I use a nipple shield to nurse, so it's even stranger to me why he won't take a bottle, since it's essentially the same sensation. I need help with what to do. I've been doing better with nursing when we go out, but I would really like to go out on a weekend date with DH once in a while. I feel like all my freedom is disappearing before my eyes. Please help!
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    Default Re: Bottle refusal

    my lo is doing the exact same thing - except I don't use a shield. she refuses to eat when we're apart so now I'm looking at quitting my job so we can stay together always. sure I miss date nights and haven't had one in months, but i figure she won't be nursing forever so we'll get our time eventually.


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    Default Re: Bottle refusal

    we had the same problem. You might have to experiement a little.

    Our LO used to take the bottle from me, then I breastfed her more, only about a bottle every week or so and then she started refusing them around 4 months of age. She did luckily take it from her babysitter who watches her at her house while I work. Probably because she knew I wasn't there and she didn't have a choice if she didn't want to starve ... At first she even refused the bottle from my husband. Then we discovered that she would take it if I am gone (just being in a different room wasn't enough). Now I have to say good-bye and pretend to leave (and come back quietly through another door) or really leave and she will take the bottle from DH.

    She still won't take the bottle or food (we have started solids) from people she is not very familiar with. After not seeing my in-laws for a while, they watched her one day and she refused everything. DH had to go home over lunch so that she would eat anything while I was at work.

    Also make sure you put pumped breastmilk into the bottle, not formula. We had to mix it to eventually have her take formula again (even she used to take it before). They keep changing their minds ... Different taste. Now she will accept both in its pure form, at least from her babysitter ...

    Good luck, it might take some patience and trial and error.

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    Default Re: Bottle refusal

    I also use a nipple shield, I don't think that has anything to do with her more or less likely to take the bottle. It is still breast and very different from a bottle. I use Dr Brown bottles, but from my experience the type of bottles don't make such a huge difference, it's still a bottle ...

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    Talking Re: Bottle refusal

    I have the same problem too. Eventually and I mean eventually babies will learn that mommy is not around and will need to take something. Yes, there may be a day where they will not eat much, possibly just a few sucks from the bottle. I got really worried too when my daughter didn't take the bottle. But in a couple or more days she took the bottle. She knew no matter how much she cried or wanted the breast it was not there to take. Of course you can't give the bottle to your baby and your baby should not hear your voice or else they are going to want the breast. Yes it just maybe an ounce or half an ounce of milk your baby will drink but while you're away but there's really no choice. Sounds cruel but they will learn. Then when you come home it's breast breast breast. Yay! One thing though. The days you are off and you breastfeed the baby he/she may go into another bottle refusal. It'll soon be a learned cycle and they recognize that bottle means mommy is away. This is at least my experience.

    FYI daughter is 2.5mths old. I work ft nights, four days out of the week. I feed my baby half asleep during the day after work. The days I'm off I nurse often even though my daughter may not look hungry. Just offer the breast.

    Also my MIL tells me to give her the bottle every other feeding so she won't forget the bottle. But from what I read this will make your milk supply go down and your baby will end up refusing the breast.

    Hope this helps.

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