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Thread: feeding while not feeling well?

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    Default feeding while not feeling well?

    ok... so this isn't about ME not feeling well, its about gracie... when her tummy is really tight, and she's not feeling well, she seems to want to keep on eating... i noticed this last night after hubby's grandmother mentioned her eating... and its true... is this normal? and is there anything that i can do other than feeding her? it just makes her feel worse and her stomach gets so hard and she spits up everything she's eaten.

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    Default Re: feeding while not feeling well?

    Could it be that she has gas? She might be feeling bad and trying to comfort suck. Have you tried massaging her tummy and bicycling her legs to help he pass the gas. This is just a thought.

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    Default Re: feeding while not feeling well?

    The hardening of stomach/abdomen is a sign or gas/colic.

    What treatment is available for baby’s gas problems?
    Burping the baby thoroughly will reduce the amount of air in the stomach, so that it does not pass on to the intestinal tract. Unfortunately, burping is not 100% effective at eliminating gas, since it has absolutely no effect on the gas created in the intestines during normal digestion. There are baby massage techniques which may prove effective in helping baby to release gas. Simply applying light pressure on the tummy can soothe and help. You can also try carrying baby in the “football hold” – face down on your forearm with baby’s legs straddling your elbow and baby’s chin resting in your hand. Again, the gentle pressure placed on the little tummy can help soothe and release baby’s gas.
    What I used to do: Use an iron to warm a face towel and gentle press on the tummy, soles of feet, calves and baby's back. HTH

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    Default Re: feeding while not feeling well?

    Sometimes babies want to nurse when they need to pass gas or have a bowel movement. Nursing doesn't seem like the answer, but it does help.

    Here's some tips:

    And here's some info about baby's reflexes:


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