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Thread: Stubborn Thrush?

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    My midwife told me that if I took diflucan, my lo would get a small dose of it in my milk. She said it was fine and would help her thrush.

    I've never used grapefruit seed extract, so I'm no help there, but I used the gv on myself without a break. I just gave my lo a three day break because I read it can be hard on them. I did 4 days on, 3 days off, 3 days on and it was gone by the 2nd day. I only gave her very small amounts- I'd dip the very tip of a qtip into the gv, then poke it in her mouth- once it hits her saliva it spreads all over, but you may want to get the qtip under her tongue and between her cheeks and gums just to be sure. I also painted my nipples with the stuff so that even during her 3 day break she was getting small amounts of it from my nipples. I liked this remedy the best because I felt immediate relief of the itchy/burning irritation on my nipples.

    You may want to ask her ped about using nystatin and gv at the same time (or maybe you already did and I missed it).

    Good luck!! You can do it!!
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    I just finished a 7-week battle with thrush. It's awful. We did Nystatin and GV for him, antifungal cream, GV, and Diflucan for me. FYI, GV didn't work for us...but it works for many others. Anyway, I wanted to add a few more ideas to all of the already excellent advice here.

    *It's a waste, but use paper towels. Wash your bath towel after each use (hot water, vinegar, etc.) Don't leave wet towels in the bathroom.
    *Don't put a medicine dropper in the baby's mouth and then back in the med jar as you can contaminate the meds. Instead, pour the meds into a cup. sterilize droppers after each use.
    *Brush the baby's tongue w/acidoph. powder after feedings.
    *Rinse your nipples w/vinegar water after feedings. Alternatively, use a baking soda rinse.
    *Eat a clove of raw garlic, crushed, four times a day.
    *Dilute grapefrit seed extract in water and drink it (yucky).
    *Put a few drops of gapefruit seed extract in olive oil and dab on nipples.
    *It's hard, but cut out dairy, sweets, and wheat/glutens/yeast from your diet, at least temporarily.

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