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Thread: Nursing routine? extra items?

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    Default Nursing routine? extra items?

    My daughter, 19 months, is just cracking me up lately. When we sit down to nurse, she settles herself down and gets ready to go, but then pops back up calling, "BIT! BIT!" This is her word for her blanky. She now ALWAYS has to have her blanky when she nurses.

    At naptime or bedtime she has to have her blanky AND we have to have "Guess How Much I Love You" and I MUST be actively reading the story to her.

    I think I better grow a thrid arm. If she adds anything else to her list of comforts I am not going to be able to juggle all this stuff anymore!

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    My 20 month old needs her two favorite blankets piled on top of her in a big lump when she nurses before nap and bedtime. And I cannot have my hands anywhere near her- she will push my hands away, unlatch, and yell "peese!" as if to say "Please momma, your hands ruin the whole experience!"

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    Default Re: Nursing routine? extra items?

    DS is sure to remind me to get my own book when I nurse him. He thinking me reading a book for myself is a part of nursing (which is really nice after all those distractible months when he wouldn't let me.)

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    It is funny you should mention this! About a month ago, my daughter suddenly wanted to start holding her lovey blanket that she sleeps with whenever she nursed...then she added her small pink monkey stuffed animal...and then the "mama monkey" animal...and now another blankey...so, she will gather all four things up (the big monkey is as tall as she is) and go stand by the chair where I nurse when she wants to nurse or when she's tired for nap/bed...and she has also started carrying them around the house like they are her babies...it's quite amusing...the funniest part is that the bundle is so enormous in her arms it's like an olympic event to for her to find my breasts!

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    Default Re: Nursing routine? extra items?

    These stories are so cute!
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