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Thread: is self-soothing real?

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    I don't know about self-soothing? When my babies are upset, they want mom. They usually want to nurse and that will bring a smile to their faces. They will suck their fingers sometimes. They love to be held and carried so I usually end up wearing one and carrying the other or taking turns, and spend a lot of time on the floor or couch holding them. But they sleep on their own. They love to be swaddled and go down awake. Sleep is not a scary thing. They have slept 9-10hours for weeks. They don't need to nurse all night and are 50% for height and weight. But I would nurse them if they awoken. They just stopped needing to. There is something to be said for consolidated sleep and they nap 3 times a day too. In the crib. Without tears. That being said, maybe it makes a difference that there are two of them? Although my son slept through the night (10 hours) when he was around this age. I feed them often through the day. I just knew right from the beginning I did not want to make them unable to go to sleep on their own. So when they were tired, I wrapped them and put them in the crib. That made the crib a strong association with sleep and not having to nurse or need motion. I am with them all day, at night they need sleep, but they know that if they cry, we are THERE! We have a ritual at night and a shortened one for naps, pulling the shades, lots of kisses, sleep sheep, mobile if they are pretty awake, if they are really drowsy I don't use it, and definitely swaddling. Maybe not self-soothing, but we have power to influence shaping of sleep habits.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ's Mom View Post
    Those are great pictures Of SHILOH Leslie!!! Where did our Little babies go???
    I KNOW!!! It makes me cry when I see how little and sweet he was. It makes me want another one!!!! And then I remember how frickin tired I am from chasing around my toddler all day and wonder if it'd really be wise to add another one to the bunch!
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    Quote Originally Posted by karinamillanao View Post
    I just find this method a bit cruel...babies really need lots and I mean LOTS of human contact...I find that the goal of selfsoothing is just too much for such a young baby....I think we expect "independence" too soon....I have lots of friends that swear by a method like that and really look down at me for wearing my baby and such.....human contact gives babies a sense of belonging and security. No wonder he met his milestones kinda late....I donĀ“t think that staring at a mobile for hours on end is the right kind os stimulation for their brains.....just my opinion.

    Completely agree about the milestones. I basically never leave my lo alone in his swing or bassinet or anywhere unless he is sleeping. My bf and I are constantly talking to him, bouncing, letting him watch t.v., and generally just making sure he gets different experiences. Our lo is only 2.5 but he is meeting his milestones at the speed of light. He smiles, babbles, for some reason thinks he can sit up already, is starting to laugh, can watch and focus on the t.v from the far corner of the room, kicks his little arms and legs when excited...I think that our constant attention contributes to his quick mind. Its been said before, humans are social beings, this is something that we need to develop and not giving our babies social environment hinders them. I think, that if someone will put so much concentration on making sure they have no attachment to their baby then maybe they shouldn't have one. The pt of motherhood/fatherhood is to be there!
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