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Thread: Anyone use a sippy cup early for bottle refusal?

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    Default Anyone use a sippy cup early for bottle refusal?

    For those of you who struggled with bottle refusal, how early could you get LO onto a sippy cup? I've tried (and others) all sorts of strategies and different nipples, but DD has her own ideas. The best (or least bad anyways) thing so far seems to be a sippy with the valve cut off that drips fairly slowly, but would come out pretty well if she'd suck on it (no luck so far). I'm planning to try every day gently to try to get her to catch on to how to use it. She's nearly 5 months - anyone have success fairly early? I go back to work in 2 months.


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    Default Re: Anyone use a sippy cup early for bottle refusal?

    Sippy cups didn't work for us, but my LO is 3 months. the only way she'll eat is straight from the "tap" we've tried everything else. she used to take bottles without any problems at all, then one day decided to hate every bottle possible...


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    Default Re: Anyone use a sippy cup early for bottle refusal?

    . I have been using the nubby for two months. Now at 6 months she can use any kind of sippy, even the kind with a valve. I started slow and just put water in it as she didnt even know what it was for originally. Once she figured out that she can actually get stuff out of it I started putting bmilk in it. She doesnt drink enough for what I consider A feeding but she gets by if I need to get out of the house. In a few months im sure your lo will get the hang of it. we are from both ends of the spectrum, nipple preference to a full on refusal of a bottle(to be honest I was happy, we fought hard to get over the bottle preference) Good luck mamma
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