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Thread: Possible to change fat content?

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    Default Possible to change fat content?

    Is it possible to alter the fat content in your milk? In my case, I am most concerned with increasing the fat in my milk. DS#1 gained well while I was BF him, but he has remained in the lower outskirts of the charts. I know he is healthy, but I've always wondered if my milk was fattier he would be bigger now. I thought when we put him on formula he would get big for sure- but he ended up growing slower on formula than he did on my milk!

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    Default Re: Possible to change fat content?

    Use breast compression:


    Breast compression continues the flow of milk once the baby is no longer drinking from (only sucking at) the breast and results in the baby:

    1. Getting more milk.
    2. Getting more milk that is higher in fat.

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    Default Re: Possible to change fat content?

    I have the same question.. I am exclusively pumping (my DD is 14 months old) and my milk used to have LOTS of cream at the to - now there is just a milimeter or two.... any way to increase it?

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