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Thread: Anyone start solids at 4 months? Why or why not?

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    Default Anyone start solids at 4 months? Why or why not?

    Did anyone here start solids at 4 months? Just curious from those who have, what led them to it, and those who did not, why they are waiting longer, etc.... thanks for any input or personal experiences....

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    Default Re: Anyone start solids at 4 months? Why or why not?

    I started at 4 months with my DD who is now 9 years old, as that was what was recommended here at the time. It was a disaster. No way was she ready for it, but I knew no better then and I got into a frenzy trying to make her eat because I thought she "had" to. Looking back, it was such a strange thing to be doing - trying to spoon runny purees into a baby who couldn't even sit up.
    By the time my DS1 was born, the advice had changed to 6 months, and I followed that. I read about the benefits of exclusively breastfeeding for 6 months and was convinced. I still tried purees when I did start however. (He didn't want them either though!)
    With DS2 I did BLW, again starting at around 6 months. That just made so much more sense to me on a whole variety of levels, and it was much easier too.
    At the time I was introducing solids to my DD, it didn't seem odd - it was what everyone else did and I didn't have anything to compare to. But now, having waited longer with the other 2 and believing it much better, I shake my head at myself. But hindsight is a wonderful thing!

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    Default Re: Anyone start solids at 4 months? Why or why not?

    I waited until after 6 months since that is the recommendation of the AAP. DS didn't actually really take to solids for a couple weeks, he still doesn't seem to notice if I miss a day of solids since he's a booby baby through and through.

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    Default Re: Anyone start solids at 4 months? Why or why not?

    I waited until 5 months, because thats when he seemed ready for them. Always staring me down while I was eating and trying to get at my food. And he absolutely loves food. But I only feed him at dinner time no other time during the day. If he didn't like the food, and pushed it out, I would have stopped and waited till he was 6 months.

    Though now I wish I didn't start cause I'm too busy feeding him instead of myself and my food gets cold!

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    Default Re: Anyone start solids at 4 months? Why or why not?

    kelly moms has a bunch of good info about waiting untill baby is ready.

    and here is a link for the pages on the LLL web site

    I like this one the best

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    Default Re: Anyone start solids at 4 months? Why or why not?

    I didn't start solids with either DS until after 6mo. My DD was born 13+ years agao and we we're as informational saavy as we are now, so I started her at the recommended 2-3 mo as the pp said it seems rediculous to spoon foods into a baby that tiny.

    So why - Well with DS1 I just didnt, didn't think of it. With DS2 I have been armed with more information and would like to try to give him the best chance at good long term health as possible
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    Default Re: Anyone start solids at 4 months? Why or why not?

    solids are messy and time consuming BF is so much easier. Even after we started DD on solids at 6 months, she mainly ate them at daycare. I would BF in the evenings and weekends. We then started doing a BLW approach at dinner time around 7-8 months. I think at around 9-10 months she started doing the toddler meals at daycare instead of purees. Now she bfs and eats "real" food. A lot of people seem surprised that she eats the things that she does. Anyway, we waited until 6 months. I was not ready to give up the EBF plus she did not seem ready. I also did a lot of research and starting solids too soon may lead to obesity later in life in some kids since food is being pushed at them sooner than they are really ready for it. They are not able to regulate their intake as well and get used to overeating.

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    Default Re: Anyone start solids at 4 months? Why or why not?

    My ds will be 5 months next week, and we are waiting to introduce anything other than breastmilk until he's 6 months. Like others have mentioned, this is because its what is best for them according to the Amer. Academy of Ped. I've gotten lots of grief from family over waiting so long! My friend says "I gave my son rice cereal at 8 weeks so he'd sleep better, just give him food" to which I don't know what to say. I'd like to say "you did the wrong thing and took the easy way out" but I don't want to make her feel bad. Nevermind solids don't really help babies sleep better. Anyhow, I feel extremely proud of myself for exclusive bf for the first 5 months and will be even more proud when 6 months comes along. I'm dying to see how he'll react to solids but then I remember that its so much more convenient to exclusively bf, when we have to make extra food I'm sure I'll miss him NOT being on solids!
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    Default Re: Anyone start solids at 4 months? Why or why not?

    No solids for us yet and DD will be 5 months old on Wednesday. I will wait until 6 months or whenever she seems interested in it which I am sure will be close to the 6 months. She already loves to watch me eat. She thinks it's hilarious when I chew and tries to imitate me!

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    Default Re: Anyone start solids at 4 months? Why or why not?

    I started at 5 months. My DD was ready so I trusted my instincts.
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