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Thread: Newbie with OALD

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    sigh...I am pretty sure I have OALD. Symptoms:

    1. Pulls off often while nursing to cough and take this gasping breath
    2. When she pulls off, streams of milk go everywhere. Counted 5 once.
    3. She is so gassy. It shocks my DH how loud her passing gas is. And she spits up so much more then my older DD did (who was formula fed )
    4. Definitely doesn't comfort nurse. There are times when she just cries and cries at the breast (especially by the end of the day).

    Don't know if this is a symptom or not, but she rarely goes more then 1.5 hours for her next feeding. She is 6.5 weeks old and I hear of other BF babies her age going 3 hours between feedings I only dream about 3 hours between feedings!

    She used to have green poops, but when it was suggested to me to only feed her on one side per feeding, they went back to yellow. The only time I don't have too much of a problem is at night when we are side nursing. I don't know if it's because she is tired (we are cosleeping, so I can get to her pretty fast, lol) or the position. Sometimes I just want to give up because it's so draining sometimes (especially with my 22 month old running around). I have a friend that tells me this is all normal, but it just doesn't feel or seem normal to me.
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    I Had This Same Problem With My Lo Who Is Now 6m. I Would Wait For The Let Down Than Unlatch My Lo And Spray The Milk Into A Thick Burp Cloth Until It Stopped Spraying Then Continue To Nurse Again. I Would Apply A Little Pressure To The Nipple As It Was Spraying To Slow It Down.gas Drops Were A Life Saver Too.also Around 6wks My Lo Went Thru A Growth Spurt And Nursed Like Every Hr It Does Get Better I Promise Sometimes I Wanted To Give Up But I Am Soo Glad I Didn't.i Would Also Have To Stop Her From Nursing And Burp Her Then Continue To Nurse Again.i Did Notice That If My Lo Nursed From Both Sides She Was Too Ful And Would Throw Up My Lo Only Nurses From One Side But You Have To Judge Based On How Content Your Lo Is. Side Lying Nursing Is The Best During The Night So That You Get Some Sleep. Hang In There.

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