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    I really don't know how to help but I tell ya, she is lucky to have a caring friend like you

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    I often offer advice in a way that it's coming from an impartial expert rather than directly from me .... so that way it's less of a personal attack and not about me being a smarter or better parent or whatever.

    My favorite is something like this ...

    "You may not have realized it, but the latest recommendation from the American Academy of Pediatrics is ..... "

    I've noticed that people tend to pay a bit more attention when I can cite the AAP (rather than my personal pediatrician, or those "flaky" <wink> sources like LLLI or kellymom).
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    Now just sit back and wait for her to come crying to you when her LO is screaming at night, and can't poop.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by danlynclark View Post
    Now just sit back and wait for her to come crying to you when her LO is screaming at night, and can't poop.....
    Sadly, she won't.

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    I usually just keep quiet and wait for then to come to me. I come from a large family and do daycare in my home, so everyone comes to me for advice on this stuff anyway. I really don't know why, because I'm no expert, and I think I'm way to "radical" for most of my mainstream friends.
    But I have this issue with my daycare kids. A couple years ago I had two infants. Both sets of parents put them on jarred food and cereal right at 4 months, and one of them did put cereal in the bottle from newborn. They pay me to watch their kids, so I guess I have to do it, kwim? They both had really bad allergies and tummy troubles all the time, but when I did try to tell them that maybe we could back off the food for a few months, they were all opposed to it.

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