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Thread: I Found A Trick!!!!

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    Default I Found A Trick!!!!

    hi ladies
    i hope this isn't TMI; i know that with my last lo i would have tried anything so i thought i would throw it out there.
    so lo is 7 mos and i pump three days a week at work. with last lo and this one too my let down started failing me. first it took longer and longer and then finally just kaput. with last lo i couldnt find anything that helped and gave up when she was only 6 mos . but now...
    so someone mentioned that prior to pumping they use their fingernail to gently prick their nipple and then they let down. that didn't work for me but i did find that if i use all my fingers/thumbs on both nipples and gently pull out quickly (sort of like i was trying to get lint off or something) in UNDER A MINUTE i start to let down. best of all, i pump all of the first let down and then wait a couple of minutes and am able to DO IT AGAIN!!! i am able to get 4-5 oz each session which was UNHEARD of last time!
    i wanted to share this in case anyone out there is where i was last go 'round. hope you are all well (and that i described it right )

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    Default Re: I Found A Trick!!!!

    I am definitely trying that! Thanks so much for the tip!

    I have to supplement with at least one bottle of formula a day but wish I didn't have to. I'll try your trick and maybe I'll be able to pumplre often. :-)

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