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Thread: About to start pumping - advice, please?

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    Default About to start pumping - advice, please?

    So my new PIS is coming by courier tomorrow. I pumped a little early on (starting at about 4 or 5 weeks, DD is now 4.5 months) but stopped at around 2 months because of some OALD and engorgement and because DD was refusing the bottle anyways, so it seemed futile. I'm going back to work in 2 months, and now starting in earnest to try daily with the sippy cup to eventually get LO onto EBM in that.

    My question: I don't want my oversupply and OALD to come back. Now at 4.5 months, my letdown is after about a minute of sucking, and my breasts are comfortable. I'm hoping I can comfortably pump once a day. Should I pump both sides? One side while feeding DD? I have the best luck first thing in the morning (DD is a good sleeper), but I don't really want to pump while feeding since I really enjoy our morning time together, and I don't want to ruin it with a noisy pump. Any tips on when/how often/single/double pumping? I know I have to go gently about it given my abundant supply, but I also want to start building up a stash in my freezer by pumping daily. I also hope I can get more with the PIS than with my single mini-electric.

    Experience/advice appreciated. Thanks mums.

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    Default Re: About to start pumping - advice, please?

    I'm Still New To All Of This But I Would Pump Both Sides First Thing In The Morning And Then Nurse Your Lo When She Wakes Up. I Quess Really The Question Is How Does Your Lo Nurse. Just From One Side Or Both? If She Nurses From Only One Side I Would Pump The Other Right After You Nurse Her. Not During I Agree That It Is Too Noisy And I Have Done It And It Is Hard Sometimes. I Have The Pis And I Find That If I Am Only Pumping One Side The Pump Works Best If I Leave Both Tubes Connected And Put My Finger Over The Tubing That Isn't Connected To The Breast Shield. The Pis Has A Cover To Put On For Only Pumping One Side But I Don't Think It Works As Well As Just Holding Your Finger Over The Tubing.

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    Default Re: About to start pumping - advice, please?

    I pump both sides. then wake lo to eat in the mornings. I would suggest pumping when lo takes long naps or 1hr after lo feeds...

    I didn't start pumping until 3 dyas b4 returing to work. I don't have a freezer stash. He just gets fresh expressed milk....

    here is another thread w/ adivce too
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