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Thread: do i have to keep waking her to feed?

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    Default do i have to keep waking her to feed?

    DD is 2 weeks old now and a great nurser. she feeds every 2-3 hours and most of the time only takes one side, and does so for under 10 minutes. 40% of the time she will take both sides. She has this far, woken herself up for night feedings about every 2 hours...she sleeps most of the day, but generally eats every 3 hours, and most of those times i have to wake her--which result in not so good nursing sessions because she is so sleepy and has no desire to eat. So, my question is, do i have to continue to wake her to eat or can i allow her to make her own schedule now? she is 2 weeks old and thus far has gained a full pound since 2 days old..

    Just wondering..


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    Smile Re: do i have to keep waking her to feed?

    Congrats on your new little one.

    If you didn't wake her how long do you think she would go?

    Unless she has jaundice, and needs to be woken up to feed, I'd just let her make her own schedule.

    Trust me, she'll change her eating habits again soon. She will probably have a growth spurt soon (3 weeks, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, as per my midwife).

    Just when you think they're on a schedule, WHAMMO, they change it...lol

    Keep up the good work....and again CONGRATS.

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    Default Re: do i have to keep waking her to feed?

    From 8 weeks - about 6 months dd went 6-8 hrs at night without being fed. The ped said her weigtht was fine and she was happy.

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    Default Re: do i have to keep waking her to feed?

    If nursing is going well and she has regained her birth weight and has good diaper output, then there is no need to continue waking her up to eat on a schedule.

    However, unless you happen to enjoy nursing so frequently at night, it might be a good idea to keep trying to wake and nurse her during the day, in hopes it will help her readjust her body clock. She will eventually figure out the day/night thing and move her longer sleep stretches to nighttime, with or without your encouragement, so I think you should follow your gut on this matter.

    Congrats on getting off to such a wonderful start with nursing your new baby!


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