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Thread: Feel Like Throwing in The Towel (xpost)

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    Unhappy Feel Like Throwing in The Towel (xpost)

    I'm so bummed. I feel like bfing my 5 month old girls is not going well at all and it's driving me crazy, along with one of them. I have one "easy" baby and one more sensitive girl. We struggled with latch issues initially when tandem feeding and now I feed them individually a lot or use a different tandem position so that is ok, not great, but doable.

    I had major oversupply for the first four months and my sensitive girl, Tessa, was in extreme pain from gassiness and too much foremilk. Her stools were always green and frothy and mucosy. So, at the 4 month growth spurt they also got colic and went from sleeping 12 hours at night (from 2 1/2 months to 4 months) to waking up usually about twice each at night. This led to my supply being regulated and them getting more equal amounts of milk during the whole day so the green poop and gassiness subsided for a bit but I was totally sleep deprived. Now they are back to sleeping about 10 hours at night but that first feed of the day I'm so full that they get a bunch of foremilk so now Tessa has the green poop and horrible gassiness again and she's miserable (and so is her mommy ). However, it's not oversupply all day because by the end of the day it is hard for them to get much milk (I don't feel the letdowns by the end of the day, their diapers are way less wet, and they are fussy after nursing and are on the breast constantly). So, I don't think I should correct for oversupply because then I won't have enough in the evening and I can't keep doing what we are doing because Tessa is in pain. I could wake her up in the night to feed her but it seems like there must be a better solution than waking her at 2 a.m. to feed and making me sleep deprived.

    I had heard that some babies dealing with oversupply can benefit from meds they give to lactose intolerant people, since they are having the same effect from getting so much sugary foremilk. Anyone know about that?

    At this point, part of me just wants to give them a bottle of formula and we'll all be happier. I really wanted to nurse them for a year but now I keep telling myself just make it to 6 months. They are preemies though and I want to get them through RSV season but I don't know how we are going to manage. All of these struggles with bfing have totally reduced the time and attention I have to give to my son and that really hurts. I feel like my life revolves entirely around bfing and it's just not the wonderful experience it was with my son, it's just work and I'm doing it because I know it's best for them, but it feels like everyone in my house is frustrated with it (except for DH). Any words of wisdom?


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    Jen- Congrats on bfing twins for so long. You are doing a wonderful thing for them.

    Have you ever tried pumping just a little bit in the morning to make it easier for Tessa to get less foremilk? Pumping a little may also tell your body to just make a little bit more to help with that low supply at the end of the day. I know how much work pumping is, so that might not work for you...

    Remember that switching to formula isn't a magic solution... you need to buy the formula, buy all the bottles, wash bottles, deal with likely gassiness, fussines and constipation issues from the formula, and potentially have more doctors visits when they are no longer getting immunities from you. And soon you can start giving solids and maybe that would help fill up your girls in the evening.

    No words of wisdom here, just some encouragement!!

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    i just want to say congrads on everything you are doing i only have one to bf and we have our problems you have two little ones but i would try to pump some and maybe give tessa some milk in a bottle that may help you and her also i hope you get some sleep i amd sleep deprived and i dont know how i am walking standing and everything else

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    Jen Congrats As Well And I'm Sorry You Are Struggling Right Now It Sounds Hard. I Think It Is Great That You Are Still Bfeeding And That You Have A Goal Of 6m Because I Feel Confident For You That It Will Get Better So Hang In There. I Think That The Idea Of Pumping Some In The Morning Before Feeding Tessa Is A Good Idea My Lo Had Bad Colic And Screamed For Hrs I Would Pump A Little Bit Before I Nursed Her So That She Would Get Less Foremilk And I Feel Like That Helped Also I Am Not A Person Who Likes Medications Especially For Babies I Don't Even Like Taking Tylenol That's Just Me But My Point Is I Am Not A Medicine Pusher But When I Finally Tried The Little Tummies Gas Drops Wow What A Difference. I Never Went Anywhere Without Gas Drops It Helped With The Colic Instead Of Screaming For 1-2hrs She Would Scream For 15min. Gas Drops Wow Do They Work Wonders. Sometimes I Found That It Helped To Give The Gas Drops Right After My Lo Ate Even If She Semed Ok, Or Sometimes I Would Stop Her And Give Them And Nurse Again. You Try Different Things And See What Works But If You Haven't Tried Gas Drops They Could Be A Life Saver For You.

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    First of all, to you. You sound so tired and frustrated. I really commend you for all the hard work you have put into breastfeeding your twins this far. It really does make a big difference!

    As another poster already stated, weaning to formula is not an automatic way to make life easier. Babies who have colicky symptoms usually do worse, not better, on formula. A lot of these babies are put on special (read "expensive) prescription formulas, and still have problems.

    May I ask what leads you to believe that your supply is low in the evening? Many babies simply want to nurse more for comfort during the evening hours. This extra comfort nursing usually has little to nothing to due with mother's milk supply. If you can, try to set aside some time in the evening to relax, put your feet up, have a nice glass of water or juice, and enjoy nursing your babies. That might help everyone to feel better. It's awesome that your dh is so supportive of your breastfeeding. Maybe he could take over dinner prep a few nights a week?

    Have you tried assigning each baby his/her own "side" during the day? This mimics block feeding for mothers who are nursing twins, and helps assure that both babies are getting both foremilk and hindmilk.

    It is also possible that your babies' discomfort has to do with something other than oversupply. Have you looked into other causes, such as allergies? Have you discussed your babies' symptoms with your health care provider?

    Hang in there, and keep up the good work! You really are doing a fantastic job, and your babies will thank you someday.


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