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Thread: How did you feel when AF returned?

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    Question How did you feel when AF returned?

    I had a couple days last week when I pumped less than half the usual amount. LC said could be ovulation or period. I have been a little crampy, but don't know if I'm noticing it more now because of what LC said. That was 4 days ago and nothing yet. I was also very emotional.

    I want to know what others experience was with return of AF. Was it a normal period? Did you know it was coming or were you surprised? How did it effect your supply?
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    Default Re: How did you feel when AF returned?

    I get a massive surge in supply around ovulation time and an equally large dip 2 days before af starts and the first 2 days of af. It was much more noticable when I was pumping for my dd, but I'm not doing that anymore and now that she's older she doesn't fuss about it so much either. She used to nurse a lot more frequently around af time, but I haven't noticed her doing that for the past couple of months. My supply is definitely lower then still though because it's the only time of the month I don't leak.

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    I got AF back at 6 weeks post-partum in spite of nursing around the clock. But, it's been irregular, and last time I checked (by temping) I'm not ovulating. I have never noticed any change in my milk production. However, I don't pump so maybe it would be harder for me to tell.
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    I got my period back this time 5 months PP, and pumped from 3 months to 2.5 years!! I noticed a big drop in supply around period time, usually for a week or so before the period and a few days after it came. I found that Fenugreek worked for us, though the smell does get a bit overwelming. I also think that my fear of my supply dropping every month had a huge impact on how much I was able to pump!! Now that she is nearly THREE, OMG, and I am no longer pumping my fears have supsided. Some more advice, don't let your self get to hungry or thisty, that lowered my supply as well, I have a blood sugar issue and when I felt crappy, the milk just would NOT flow!

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