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Thread: Oald?

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    Default Oald?

    Ok, I am pretty convinced I have OALD, but I just wanted to see what others thought. I have been trying to offer my dd only one breast per feeding, and even though this already seems to be helping, I have this fear that I will hurt my supply.

    Her symptoms indicating OALD are:
    choking/gagging while nursing
    pulling off often while nursing
    spits up often and is very gassy
    lack of comfort nursing
    and when she pulls off, my milk frequently sprays her in the face!
    and BTW, her stools are mustard yellow and not frothy

    I frequently felt very full in both breasts, this has subsided quite a bit, especially since just frequently feeding on one side.

    Also, when should I switch sides? My first attempt was to block feed in two hour intervals, but if she nurses on one side, and then fusses and refuses the first side, but wants the second, should I let her nurse on the other side or continue to encourage nursing on the first?

    Thank you!!
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    Default Re: Oald?

    It sure does sound like OALD to me.
    I would feed off of one side for two feedings then switch, regardless of time. This did mean I would have to manually express some off the non-nursed side just to help with pressure, but that only lasted about a week. Could you try different positions to get her to accept the first breast again? You could kind of trick her into thinking she's getting the other breast My DS wasn't really picky as long as he was getting fed so I didn't run into this problem. That is the only thing I can come up with, sorry. But do keep trying it will help so much in the long run if you can get the OALD under control. Good luck!

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