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Thread: We made it one year!!!!

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    Talking We made it one year!!!!

    Today was Joshua's first birthday party. What a bittersweet day! I just wanted to thank all you ladies for all of your advice, support, and help throughout this year!!!
    You helped me to deal with colic (non-stop crying for the first 3 months), OALD, overabundant supply leading to refusing to nurse, green poops, distraction from the breast, nursing strikes, sleepless nights, post partum anxiety, nap refusals, dealing with my in-laws, recipe ideas, cloth diapering, I could go on and on. You equiped me with great articles.
    You have helped me develop into a confident, secure mother, and helped me to make the best decisions possible for my LO. Now he is so bright, smart, happy, funny. He is such a joy. He claps all the time, he still LOVES to nurse all the time, loves to be in his sling, and he goes to anyone with open arms. I love being an attached parent, and with your help I stuck with it!!
    I plan on being on here alot longer!
    Thank you all so much for the and support!!!!
    I Have been breastfeeding for 1 year and 1 day, and no end in sight!!!

    Mama to my sweet blueberry eyed boy Joshua
    born on 11/2/2006

    and my blueberry eyed baby Jonah Henry...my water birth baby!
    born on 6/15/09


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    Default Re: We made it one year!!!!

    inspirational! hope i do too!

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    congratulations!! Sounds like you guys are doing a great job!
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    yay happy birthday!

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    Smile Re: We made it one year!!!!

    Way to go I hope to be here in 9months and say I made it to one year.
    Becky ~ 33 Dh ~ 37 (my little geek of geeks)
    Dd1 ~ Brittney 5yrs aka Bunny
    Ds ~ Xander 3yrs aka Xaxu
    Dd2 ~ Bailie 1yr aka Dede

    Still going 14months later.

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    Happy b-day to your DS! Yeah for you mama! Great job!

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    Congratulations and Happy Birthay to your lo!
    Tracy...Mommy to my two beautiful girls - Kinzie Marie, 1/19/01 and Ryan Renee, 2/1/07
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    Congratulations and happy birthday Joshua!
    Just one more fanatical cloth diaper convert...
    Mom to Morgan (01/10/04) and Zachary (07/12/06)
    What are M & Z up to now?

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    Good job!

    Happy Birthday Joshua!

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